We are committed to providing a better high speed Internet than any other high speed provider in remote and rural areas of Manitoba. We know that rural high-speed Internet is a must for many people today and we strive to meet that need.

Looking for prices?

The following information is also available on our high-speed plans page at: http://www.nolimitsinternet.com/high-speed/plans

Installation is $295 plus applicable taxes.

Surfer Express plan | $50/month or $400.00 Seasonal (6 months of service)

Telecommuter plan | $65.95/month or $485.00 Seasonal

Business Express plan | $99.95/month

Update your router firmware

It seems that very few people realize that all routers need to be kept up to date just like a computer and that many failures and problems can be avoided by having the firmware updated to the most current available from the manufacturer.

Here is a good article that describes how to do just that: