We are committed to providing a better high speed Internet than any other high speed provider in remote and rural areas of Manitoba. We know that rural high-speed Internet is a must for many people today and we strive to meet that need.

Welcome Sagkeeng Wireless customers

If you are a Sagkeeng Wireless customer and have not already done so, please click here to
register with NoLimits Internet Solutions now

We are transferring your internet service and billing to NoLimits Internet Solutions. To make
the transition as smooth as possible we are providing this online registration form for you
to complete so that we will have all the up-to-date information we require.

We do not plan any changes to your existing subscriptions or service costs at this time. Our
priority is to migrate Sagkeeng Wireless' network into NoLimits' network with minimal impact to our

Sign-up form for current Sagkeeng Wireless customers

If you are currently a Sagkeeng Wireless customer, please fill out this form to help us keep our records current.

Looking for prices?

The following information is also available on our high-speed plans page at: http://www.nolimitsinternet.com/high-speed/plans

Installation is $295 plus applicable taxes.

Surfer Express plan | $45.95/month or $365.00 Seasonal (6 months of service)

Telecommuter plan | $65.95/month or $485.00 Seasonal

Business Express plan | $99.95/month

changes to granite.mb.ca email settings

There has been a major failure of the granite.mb.ca email server, but we have managed to get all of the accounts moved to our new server.

What does this mean? It means that if your email address is @granite.mb.ca, you will need to make a small change to your settings in order for it to work, but also means that your email account will function much better than ever before.

The only setting that you will need to change is to your username. You will now have to use the entire email address as your