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We provide Rural High Speed Internet in Manitoba!

At No Limits Internet Solutions, we are committed to providing better high speed internet to customers in remote and rural areas than any other high speed provider in Manitoba. We know that Rural High Speed Internet is a must for many people today and we strive to meet that need.

Choosing your Internet Service Provider

Choosing or changing your Internet Service Provider is an important undertaking. Unlike more developed areas and cities most rural service is provided by some form of wireless technology. Depending on where you live you may have up to a half-dozen companies to choose from. Speed, reliability, service and support will vary widely, so doing your homework is important. Regardless of whether you are new to high speed service or you are considering changing providers see why No Limits Internet Solutions should be your choice for all your high speed and internet service requirements.

Why should you choose No Limits Internet?

  1. No contracts:
    All other providers lock you in to a contracts of at least 1 year and many for three years, forcing you to put up with slow speeds and poor service. Because we have no contracts we are very motivated to provide the best speeds and and service levels, not lock you in to poor service.
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee:
    Most providers don't backup their installations or services with a money back guarantee. At NoLimits we are are so confident that you will be happy with our service that we will refund your installation costs within the first 90 days should you not be completely satisfied.
  3. Free Service Calls:
    If for any reason you encounter a problem with your service that requires a site visit within the first year, the service call is free. After the first year you have the option to participate in our wireless watch program. This means that for a small monthly fee you will not be charged the cost of a service call should problems arise.
  4. Full Service Provider:
    Some providers only deliver only half of the package. No Limits not only provides high speed Internet connectivity but we can also help with all your other information technologies like: Website design, Hosting, Domain Name registration, PC/Network support, Security, custom wireless applications, hotspots and more.
  5. Straight Talk:
    We don't play games. We post all the details of our service packages on our website. With No Limits there are no surprises, you always know what you are getting.
  6. Price Protection:
    When you choose No Limits you choose value. If you think another provider offers a better value, contact us and we will do our best to match their price for equal services.

Which Service is Right for You?

For those of you considering wireless high speed Internets service let's have a look at the three major types of service that you may have access to: Satellite, terrestrial wireless both cell phone and none cell phone based radio technologies.

  • Satellite:

    Just like it says Satellite high speed Internet service is supplied by bouncing a signal off of a Satellite that is 22,300km over head. While better then dial up it should not be considered if you have access to other service types. As you may have guessed, putting a satellite up into orbit is expensive and the cost to deliver the data is high. As a result you will find that satellite packages cost more and deliver less, often a lot less for a lot more. The service can also be problematic or fail to work in moderate to bad weather conditions.

    Due to the cost of accessing the satellites you will also be subjected to strict usage policies which can slow your speed to a fraction of what it should be, when things are busy or even automatically cut off your service if you have downloaded too much. Due to the 44,000km round trip your data must endure, satellite service has the highest latency times of all wireless technologies. Latency is the time it takes a remote site to respond to your computer's request for information. Latency on a satellite system can be anywhere from 750ms upwards of 4 seconds, making gaming and other interactive activities maddeningly unresponsive or impossible. In comparison even a slow land based wireless service will respond in 1/3 to 1/10 of the time.

  • Cell Phone Based Wireless:

    Wireless data services provided by the cell phone companies can be an option to a limited number of people. In large cities it is now possible to get fairly quick download speeds (still slower then cable or DSL), but your speed will drop as your signal gets weaker making it a poor choice for most rural areas. . Service is next to impossible to share with other computers and devices in the home, and you are on your own if the service in your area is not up to par. Packages can be very expensive and download quantities very small, and you will be billed automatically at a high rate for any amount used in excess of what your package allows. And as all thing cellular, beware of hidden fees.

  • Wireless Internet (Non Cell phone Based Systems):

    There are many different technologies used by the dozen or so wireless internet providers in the province. All of the different wireless radio systems can be made to work well with the right network design and management. However many of the networks out there are not well designed and/or managed so the performance and reliability suffer as a result. Our staff have expertise in both networking and wireless radio technologies, so we can provide our customers with the best wireless internet service available in Manitoba.

  • Many providers do not publish the details of their packages and even if they do, the speeds they deliver can be well below what is advertised. At Nolimits we believe you have the right to know what you are purchasing and what you will get. All our package details are posted on our website, for all to see. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't charge admin fees, network access fees, or connection fees to make your “start-up cost” or installation look cheaper.

    If you are not sure you are getting what you paid for simply check your providers website for your package speeds (if they provide them), and then go to one of the speed test websites and check the speed of your connection. We recommended using SpeedTest.net. As the internet is a shared medium your speeds will vary, but on average you should get around 80% of your maximum speed.

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