High Speed Internet service

Many high speed service providers require that you lock in to contracts for up to 3 years, so they have no incentive to provide top quality service and super-fast downloads. At NoLimits we think this is wrong. Not sure you want to risk trying another provider? Don't worry, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on your install. If we can't deliver a satisfactory service, we will remove the equipment and refund your installation cost. NoLimits is the risk free choice!

Want fast downloads and reliable service? Get your high speed Internet service from NoLimits. With no contracts we are motivated to provide the best possible service, all the time.

Seasonal High Speed Internet Packages

Seasonal packages are for 6 months of the year. The service is turned off for the other 6 months.

Our seasonal packages are appropriate for customers who may not live at the install location all year. If you have a summer cottage at the lake for example, and do not need service in the winter then a Seasonal plan may suit you.

PC's & Networks

Our staff and associates have been building and maintaining PC networks for many years and have gained extensive experience in the industry. We provide a host of computer related, sales/service, consulting and development services.


We can provide local sales and service including on-site delivery. No task is too big or too small, from setting up your email program to installing a business network, we do it all. If any of the following apply to you, NoLimits may be able to help:

  • Has your computer been infected with a virus? Not sure what hardware or software is appropriate for your home or business needs? Gives us a call. We provide sales, service and consulting on hardware and software.
  • Want to remotely access your work computer? Free yourself from the office, and connect from home or from the cottage. Be it a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the office in Winnipeg, a remote desktop or even an interactive website, we can build, implement, and support it for you.
  • Concerned about the dangers of the Internet? We will install and configure anti-virus, anti-spyware, and hardware/software firewalls to keep your computer protected. We can provide desktop routers and firewalls as well as a managed firewall service, freeing you from having to deal with advanced firewall technologies.

Networks & Wireless

We can provide all your wired and wireless network needs. Structured cabling, server software (Windows, Novell and Linux) and hardware. Indoor, outdoor and Wifi-hotspot wireless networks.

  • Interested in providing high speed service to your customers? We can provide almost anything from custom designed solutions for hotels, resorts and lodges, to services designed for voice and video communication. Deliver and setup to permanent locations or temporary events can be arranged.
  • Too many computers in the house or cottage? Control the chaos with a home network, whether wired, wireless, or a combination, it is cheaper than you think. Gain control over the chaos, even monitor individual usage with custom Logon's, site and/or time restrictions, filtering solutions or a combination of these.
  • Concerned about cabin security? Consider adding an IP cameras and recording software to your home network. These systems can record from multiple cameras and can be remotely viewed and controlled from any internet computer.

Call us @ 866-999-NLIS (6547) or contact us for more information.