email setup using Windows Live Mail

  1. Click on START (the windows logo, bottom left of screen), click on ‘All Programs’,  locate ‘Windows Live Mail’ and click it.
  2. Click on the 'Accounts' Tab then on the sub menu that appears, then click on 'Email'.  If no Accounts have been set up already, the 'Add your email accounts' window will appear.
  3. Add Your Email Accounts'
    1. Enter your email address
    2. Enter your email password make sure the 'Remember this Password' box is checked
    3. Enter your Display Name (this can be your Real Name or your Business Name.  ie for an email address of
      philip [at] example [dot] com you may want to use a display name such as 'Philip Butler' whereas for an email address such as
      sales [at] example [dot] com you may want to use a display name such as 'Example Ltd. Sales'.
    4. Check the box labeled 'Manually configure server settings'
    5. Click 'Next'
  4. Configure Server Settings
    1. Incoming Server Information
      1. For the 'Server Type' make sure POP is selected
      2. Enter the Incoming Server Address. If your email address is then you would use '' as the server address, but if your email address ends in then you would use ''. If you have a domain hosted with us, such as, then your server names will be ''.
      3. Make sure 'Requires a secure connection (SSL)' is NOT checked
      4. For 'Authenticate Using' make sure 'Clear Text' is selected
      5. for the 'Logon user Name' Enter your full Email address
    2. Outgoing Server Information
      1. For the Server Address enter your Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) address. This will be the same as your incoming server name. So if you entered '' for your incoming server, use the same here.
      2. Port default is 25 which should work with most Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  Iif you experience problems when you come to test your outgoing email, try changing the Port Number to 2525 or 587
      3. Make sure 'Requires a secure connection (SSL)' is NOT checked
      4. Check the box labeled 'Requires Authentication'
      5. Click 'Next'
  5. The 'Your Email Account was Added' dialogue box will be displayed.  Click 'Finish' And you will see your new account in the left column of the 'Windows Live' Window.... BUT WE'RE NOT FINISHED YET! because the Windows Live Add Account Wizard didn't collect all the necessary information for your email account to work so we will have to add the rest of the information by going to the account properties.
  6. In the left column either Left Mouse Click the account you have just created then click on the 'Properties' icon OR Right Mouse Click the newly created Account and from the drop down menu click on Properties.  A new Dialogue Box will appear with four tabs along the top (General, Servers, Security, Advanced).
    1. Click on 'Servers' and towards the bottom under the heading 'Outgoing Mail Server' click on the 'Settings' button.
      1. Click 'Log on using'
      2. For the 'Account Name' enter your Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) username (this must be your full email address)
      3. For the 'Password' enter your Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) password (same as your incoming password)
      4. Make sure the 'Remember password' box is checked
      5. Make sure 'Log on using Secure Password Authentication' is NOT checked.
      6. Click OK to return to the Properties Dialogue Box
    2. Click on 'Advanced'
      1. Note this is where you can change outgoing mail (SMTP) server port Number if you have problems sending emails using the default port 25 (see note 4.2.2 above)
      2. Under the heading 'Delivery' make sure the 'Leave a copy of messages on server' box is checked, and then decide how long you need to leave messages on the server. Remember your mailbox is 1GB in size, so we recommend setting this to between 14 and 30 days.
    3. Click OK to return to the 'Windows Live Mail' window
  7. YOU'RE DONE! Click on the 'Home' tab and click 'Send/Receive' to download your emails